Original Research

The effectiveness of “I PASS The BATON” model in improving nursing handover at a university hospital in Vietnam


Introduction: Nursing handover is an important process in hospital care where information and responsibilities are transferred from one nurse to another to ensure continuity of care and safety of patients. However, evidence of the effectiveness of using standardized nursing handover approaches, particularly in resource-limited countries, is scarce. This study was conducted in order to evaluate the change in handover practice through the “I PASS the BATON” model in a university hospital in Vietnam and identify factors contributing to the effectiveness of this model.

Material and methods: We provided handover training for nurses in the Emergency Department using the “I PASS the BATON” model and evaluated their application right after the course and one month after the course.

Results: The consistency of the handover skill among participating nurses remained high one month after applying the model in the routine care at the hospital. Overall, the mean score achieved after training was high and remained unchanged after one month. However, significant and marginally significant improvement was found in some components one month after the course including the Action and Timing. In contrast, the Next component decreased over time. Evaluation of nurses’ perceptions about the model were assessed using the Health Belief Model which revealed that perceived susceptibility and seriousness were at the moderate level and significantly decreased after one month. In contrast, perceived benefits and barriers were at a high level and remained unchanged after one month.

Conclusions: The "I PASS the BATON" model was effective in improving nurses’ handover skills and practices.

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