Original Research

The effectiveness of thread embedding acupuncture in reducing wrinkles at nose and mouth


Introduction: Beauty need is a growing demand these days; thus, the search for non-invasive beautifying methods that effectively and safely reduce the wrinkles on the face is of great need. Thread embedding acupuncture (TEA) has been proven to be effective in rejuvenating the facial skin and consists of advantages such as little invasion, few side-effects.

Methods: The study was a single-arm pre-post study, 20 female volunteers, aged 35-60. TEA is conducted on Daying (ST5), Jiache (ST6), Dicang (ST4), Yingxiang (LI20), and Hegu (LI4) with mono-filament Polydioxanone (PDO). The participants were monitored and evaluated after 1, 2 and 3 months. The variables are Nasolabial fold (NF), Marionette line (ML), Alexiades-Armenakas laxity scale (AALS), Global aesthetic improvement scale (GAIS).

Results: Both sides NF, ML and AALS after 1 month TEA, 2 months TEA, 3 months TEA compared to pre-intervention showed decrease of statistical significance. NF, ML of both sides after 1 month TEA, 2 months TEA compared to the previous 1 month showed decrease of statistical significance. However, after 3 months, compared with 2-month threshold, difference has no statistical significance. AALS after 2 months and 3 months TEA, differences have no statistical significance. There were 17 persons “improved” (85%), 3 persons “unchanged” (15%) according to GAIS. No side effect of any kind was recorded.

Conclusions: This research proved TEA method is effective on the acupuncture points that the research used in facial wrinkle reduction treatment. However, a RCTs (Randomized Controlled Trial study) is needed to confirm effectiveness.

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